FAQ Friday: I have ADHD. Can you help me get organized?

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You’re smart, creative and totally frustrated.  There’s clutter everywhere. You feel unable to get a handle on tasks that other people seem to manage with ease. Like doing the laundry…

First you have to identify which clothes on all the floors are clean and which are dirty.  Then you have to get the dirty clothes to the laundry room.  In the laundry room, it’s time to sort the clothes.  If a stain needs treating you not only have to have the stain treatments available, you need to remember to apply them.  Time to start the wash.  Hopefully there’s some laundry detergent.  Don’t forget to add the detergent as you start the wash.  Remember to come back and put the clothes in the dryer before they turn sour.  Remember to start the dryer too.  Take the clothes out of the dryer before they wrinkle.  Put the clean clothes away before they merge with…

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On To-Do Lists and Writing

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Hi and welcome back! I have been thinking a lot about To-Do lists lately for various reasons, but my mind often wanders back to my writing practice. So I gave it bit more thought and I’d like to share that with you today. 

I have struggled a lot with finding the time, space and energy to write. This is a huge challenge for me and so much of my journey to finding a writing life or finding myself in writing seems to be about creating this slippery “writing space” to sit down and just do it. It is the simplest of things and the largest of problems. I have tried waking up early, scheduling writing sessions, just going with the flow, etc, etc, etc, but always things come up, always life weasels its way into my writing space. Part of the challenge for me is making writing a priority but also…

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