Hyper-focused… Hyper-active… Hyper-space… Whoa, how did we get here?


In my opinion, one of the best/worst things about having ADHD has to be the hyperfocus aspect of it. Sometimes, I find myself start an activity, and several hours go where I’ve completely neglected my surroundings and any potential distractions. It’s really awesome when it’s a productive activity, but sometimes it can be so toxic, like scrolling Facebook or Instagram for hours and hours on end without realizing just how much time has gone by.

I once spent seven straight hours practicing piano. This was great, because I learned a substantial part of a brand new song and totally blew my piano teacher away with my progress, but on the other hand, I had several assignments due within a week, along with a couple midterms I had yet to study for.

It’s a strange phenomenon, because normally I will get distracted by pretty much anything. If my phone goes off…

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Loneliness May Fuel Mental Decline in Old Age

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Slower deterioration seen in people with more satisfying relationships, researchers say.

Loneliness and depression are linked to an increased risk of mental decline in the elderly, a new study suggests.

Researchers analyzed data from more than 8,300 American adults aged 65 and older who were assessed every two years between 1998 and 2010. Seventeen percent reported loneliness at the beginning of the study, and half of those who were lonely had depression.

Over the course of the study, mental decline was 20 percent faster among the loneliest people than among those who weren’t lonely. People who were depressed at the start of the study also had faster mental decline.

However, lower mental function did not lead to worsening loneliness, according to the study scheduled for presentation Monday at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Washington, D.C. Data and conclusions presented at meetings are usually considered preliminary until published in a…

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