Hyper-focused… Hyper-active… Hyper-space… Whoa, how did we get here?


In my opinion, one of the best/worst things about having ADHD has to be the hyperfocus aspect of it. Sometimes, I find myself start an activity, and several hours go where I’ve completely neglected my surroundings and any potential distractions. It’s really awesome when it’s a productive activity, but sometimes it can be so toxic, like scrolling Facebook or Instagram for hours and hours on end without realizing just how much time has gone by.

I once spent seven straight hours practicing piano. This was great, because I learned a substantial part of a brand new song and totally blew my piano teacher away with my progress, but on the other hand, I had several assignments due within a week, along with a couple midterms I had yet to study for.

It’s a strange phenomenon, because normally I will get distracted by pretty much anything. If my phone goes off…

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